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2009-09-27 06:34 pm

KH: The Children Knights

Title: The Children Knights
Author: Trilies
Genre: Romance, friendship
Word length: 1381
Sypnosis Sora, and by extension all of his friends and rivals, really likes his babysitters, Fiona Golem and Tai Dancer. So all hecklers beware...
Rating: PG-13 for a bit of homophobia not shared by the author 8D
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Female Human Dancer/Golem (Lesser Nobody OC), mentioned Aerith/Lexaeus, mentioned Luxord/Fem!Zexion, vaguely hinted Fuu/Naminé, lots of friendships
The second part to "When the Kids are Away". Everything is explained on that, including the LN yuri.

The Children Knights

We get ice cream for this, right? )
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2009-09-23 01:07 pm

KH: When the Kids are Away

Title: When the Kids are Away
Author: Trilies
Genre: Romance, family love, fluff
Word length: 729
Sypnosis When the kids are away, the parents will... well, not quite play. AU
Rating: PG-13 for mentionings of, oh, something.
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Lexaeus/Aerith, Human Dancer/Golem (Lesser Nobody OC)
Hyperactivity impression aside, yeah. Not much I can say about this other than this is what my favorite familyshipping would be if they lived a normal life... Well, relatively normal, anyway.
If you'd like to see my (more) humanoid versions of the Lesser Nobodies, than just check me out at Deviantart! Same name as on here, trilies. Or you could just do a quick search on their for 'golem dancer' and something will pop up. Whatever floats your boat.
Also, despite that summary, there is not that much, if any, sextime happening. Which I should probably amend at some date, but whatever. Too lazy. XD

When the Kids are Away

I promise to bring him home in time, Mrs. Gainsborough.  )