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KH: When the Kids are Away

Title: When the Kids are Away
Author: Trilies
Genre: Romance, family love, fluff
Word length: 729
Sypnosis When the kids are away, the parents will... well, not quite play. AU
Rating: PG-13 for mentionings of, oh, something.
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Lexaeus/Aerith, Human Dancer/Golem (Lesser Nobody OC)
Hyperactivity impression aside, yeah. Not much I can say about this other than this is what my favorite familyshipping would be if they lived a normal life... Well, relatively normal, anyway.
If you'd like to see my (more) humanoid versions of the Lesser Nobodies, than just check me out at Deviantart! Same name as on here, trilies. Or you could just do a quick search on their for 'golem dancer' and something will pop up. Whatever floats your boat.
Also, despite that summary, there is not that much, if any, sextime happening. Which I should probably amend at some date, but whatever. Too lazy. XD

When the Kids are Away

"Yes, Mrs. Gainsborough. I promise to bring him home on time."

"I know you will, Fiona." The brunette smiles gently at the woman before her. Fiona Golem is a reliable young woman, Aerith knows that for sure. After all, she does work with Aerith's husband at the police station, practically following in his footsteps with a determined loyalty. Also like Mr. Gainsborough, Fiona is tall and muscular, and despite the fact that her eyes are an obsidian black, there is a certain gentle warmth to them. Just for that and her gentle nature alone, Aerith almost forgets that the young woman isn't a part of their family, although she is so very much like her mentor. "I packed some lunch for Sora and his friends, so try not to spoil them, alright?"

Fiona just nods while the younger woman who hangs on her arm laughs and winks clumsily at Aerith. "Don't worry, Aerith," Tai practically sings, pushing her pink beanie up and away from her eyes. The hat is always threatening to cover her eyes, but she refuses to get a new one. Unlike her lover Fiona, who normally wears sleeveless turtleneck dresses and boots, Tai is more open with showing her skin. Today, it's a black tube top with a pair of outrageous orange-pink pants which flare out at her knees, with a pair of sharp and high heeled boots to go with it. She's considerably more friendly and outgoing then her girlfriend, and lives up to her last name of 'Dancer' perfectly. "We won't buy them the world, but is a little ice cream okay?"

"Ice cream, ice cream!" a certain 6 year old yells gleefully from the couch, his blue eyes sparking in delight at the two simple words. Sora, with his crazy bedhead of brown hair, grins up hopefully at his mother. "Please, mommy?"

"Yeah, please, mommy?" Tai echoes, clasping her hands together and making a pathetic little puppy dog face to go with her words.

Aerith just laughs at their antics and flicks her son's nose teasingly. "Alright, but if you're not careful, then you'll get fat!" Cupping his face in her hands, she lays a kiss on the top of his head. "Now, be a good boy, alright?"

"So, the troops are moving out at last?" a deep voice rumbles from the hallway, and Aerith turns around, smiling at her husband.

"That's right. Sora, why don't you go give your father a kiss?" she suggests.

Like always, the boy seems eager at first as he pushes himself off of the couch, trotting over to his tall, muscular father. The second he stops, however, he's suddenly shy, face flushed as he stares up at his father from behind his messy bangs with something akin to wonder and admiration. Used to the reaction, Lexaeus just smiles gently and kneels down, gently patting Sora's head. "Don't make any trouble for Fiona and Tai, and make sure to protect them. Good boys protect those they care about, right?"

Sora nods quickly, his hair flying all over the place with the movement. "I'll be a hero like daddy," he says quietly, beaming before he stands on the tips of his toes to lay a kiss on his father's cheek. Then he's running over to Fiona and Tai, excited to go to the park to meet all his friends.

As the trio walk out of the Gainsborough house and down the sidewalk, Aerith watches them from the living room window with her arms crossed and a soft smile on her face. "It looks like I'll finally have a day of quiet," she says. "Sora can be quite the handful, and he always leaves me tired out."

"Hmm..." A pair of firm but gentle arms wrap around her waist, the large hands attached to them resting in front of her. "Since he's gone, that must mean you're not so tired today," Lexaeus murmurs into her ear.

Aerith just smiles teasingly back, running her hands down his arms and to his hands as she turns her head. "No," she whispers, her lips just centimeters away from Lexaeus'. "I'm just full of energy today. Why the curiousity, Lexaeus?" She lets the curtains fall shut from where her hand had been keeping them just slightly open.

Gently, he kisses her before he pulls her back, a rare spark of mischeviousness in his eyes. "I was merely thinking that perhaps today wouldn't be so quiet after all..."