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Bt yes Leron is starting to notice Lance now and Lance isn't quite
sure how to
deal with it.
12:12 AM

because it's weird having leron pay attention to him now?
It makes him feel nervous.
So it goes from
Lance chasing
to leron chasing.
I guess just like
in vatheon
It always go back to this
because Summoner is a flightly bastard no matter the universe

Lance is scaed of real relationships.
it stopped him and Marq from getting into it yet.
12:13 AM

Granted she's been upping her game lately in this AU.
Since she thinks Leron is officially out of the picture now.
Leron isn't even aware he's actually back in the picture
Sorry just using Lance to get more paper horses 8U
okay not really
12:14 AM
but it has definitely has gotten him actually paying attention instead of being in a funk
Since... wow kind of- nice??? to have someone making something for him
He usually just gets shit
Since he's kind of the strict dickbag prefect
But after their last conversation, guess who will be getting a small owl with a little tiny envelope
12:15 AM
not saying who it's from, but inside is a picture
and one of the moving pictures that wizards are so fond of
This really nice glade somewhere, with unicorns just at peace and wandering about in it

Well he is very used to getting letters honestly.
There's a one mother with her little golden colt

I always like making him a momma's boy.
And she sends letters a lot.
12:16 AM

Worried about her boy in that weird magic people school.
So another letter's not weird for anyone to see him get.
And he opens it right there.
Oh and, unicorns.
A gryffindor girl next to him oohhhs at it, wanting to see.
All bright eyed as he looks at it.
12:18 AM

He's never gotten to see one up close at all, and a photo like this is different from the ones in text books.
A bit transfixed.
Lance.... try not to fall into a happy coma or something
12:19 AM
Leron doesn't really notice for a while since he's kind of busy eating his breakfast
but finally notices that Lance hasn't stopped staring at something for... like five minutes or something
Oh, he guess he got the picture.
...Is he going to be okay
12:24 AM

He keeps watching them move around.
But yes.
He will be okay.
Eventually like
thinks away from just OH MAN UNICORNS
My mom couldn't've...
Realizes who and without thinking glances up to catch eyes with Leron before quickly looking away and putting the photo back in the envelope.
He probably leaves after that.
12:31 AM
...Was that a good reaction?
Leron's not really a people person, so he's not... really sure
But he doesn't press, just finishes up at his own pace before leaving eventually
If Lance likes it, then he'll tell him
Since that's the normal person thing to do
12:32 AM
So he doesn't really try and think harder on it

He does like it.
12:33 AM

And he's falling back into the stupid crush again.
Heavier than last time.
And it doesn't help that puberty's hitting him like a rock so he's just fucking horny 24/7
Ends up awkwardly staring at Leron a lot.
12:37 AM
And that robe is still in the way of a good view of that ass...
Such suffering for poor Lance
12:39 AM
On the bright side, at least Leron seems to be going back to what constitutes as normal for him
Not... quite as harsh on those he finds breaking the rules, getting back into his prefect duties again
12:40 AM
paying more attention in classes and such
And... maybe just kinda... nodding to Lance now and then
Nothing big, just a kind of 'hi' gesture
12:54 AM

Whenever that kind of hi gesture is given Lance kinda freaks out and looks away fast.
Lots of frantic avoiding.
12:56 AM
...So he didn't like the unicorns
is the impression Leron is getting here

But no they are stupid boys bad at emotions.
What more
is it'll be even more confusing because Leron will now continue to receive gifts.
12:57 AM

So gifts alongside of blatant ignoring.
...Lance, why
Because yes, yes that is really confusing and Leron is already bad at this to begin with

Gifts proved to make him happy.
12:58 AM

He just
sucks at the other shit.
That makes two of them then
Although... he does like them, especially the paper horses most of all
Nearly an entire collection that he's had to basically hide under his bed and charm so that no one can mess with it
12:59 AM
Likes to have one in his pocket alongside his wand
Or next to his parchment when he's doing homework
They just... help him relax, really
1:00 AM
Writes home for some more unicorn pictures to get sent to Lance
Since this is a gift exchange, right????
unicorns for paper horses
Yes, he is certain that's what this is

Okay so maybe there's like
a feild trip to a lake because they need to do some studies on magical creatures and plants.
It's a joint thing, and you can sign up, advanced studies.
1:01 AM

Of course Lance signs for it because he's interested in magical creatures.
I'm gonna take a swing and say Leron would too.
You'd have to break his legs
to get him to not attend magical creature classes

Haha okay yes so that involves, not wearing robes.
1:02 AM

I'm pretty sure that Lance might bust a fucking nut seeing Leron pull that bad boy off.
Try not to jizz your pants, Lance

Barry White might as well be playing in the background.
He'll try though, stares the whole time, it's like it's in fucking slow motion.
1:03 AM
goddammit you stole what I was going to say XD

He literally has to stop himself from disrobing and leave by the time Leron gets to his clothes underneath and starts to unbutton his shirt.
Just abruptly
leaves the ground.
Goes to the tree line near by.
1:04 AM

Slides behind a tree and stares off in some direction waiting for his erection to go away because fucking- wow, he cannot take his robe off when he's this hard.
Will it to go away quicker, Lance
1:05 AM
because after a moment, Leron will go after him
just, leaning around the tree
nice broad shoulders seeing the light of day for once, nice thick chest Lance has already felt up once before, and that really tight ass...
hair falling forward over his shoulder...
"Are you alright?"
1:07 AM
"I thought you liked this class-" Since, y'know, had to actually sign up for this trip and all. "-so I didn't expect you to just disappear. Do you need to go to the infirmary?"

Terrified looking.
1:09 AM

"Eh what'do you care? Back off I'll- I'll come back, fuck, what'sit t-t-to you even?" Snaps. Legs clenching tightly together from under his robes, feeling another surge of blood pump down his body and concentrate righ where he doesn't want it to.
Oh let him just.
Touch all that
Staring with his face very red considering where all his damn blood is right now.
1:10 AM
Because his skull is thicker than rock, Leron misses the implications of all this completely.
Just glares instinctively at first because, wow, rude, that's what he gets for caring.
"I apologize for being concerned," he huffs out, crossing his arms over his chest.
1:11 AM
But... still kind of worrying because yeah, that's... really red, and he can't help but furrow his brow together.
"Are you sure you're alright? You don't have a fever or something?"

Watches as his chest flexes out a little from his arms coming around tight infront of it. Jesus is this guy really 15..........
Opens his mouth, and his tongue is just, not working with him right now.
Stutters a few times before just shutting up, taking a breath, and looking to thr side fast.
Lips tight.
1:14 AM
...Yeah that's not reassuring him
"Just stay still, hold on-"
Mhm, that sure is Leron reaching over to lay his hand across Lance's forehead
1:23 AM

"-EH!?" Whips away, putting up his hands and now laughing a bit nervously.
"Don't- don't-t t-touch me-"
1:24 AM
"Well there's something wrong and you're not telling me what it is!"
Said... maybe a little bit frustratedly
1:25 AM

A hitch.
Glances away..
1:27 AM
What about him?
"I haven't even done anything."
Hands on his hips, looking a little more worried than angry with that glare of his.
1:29 AM

"You're like- naked!" Gestures to Leron, as if reminding him of his lack of clothing.
And no he's not, naked.
Closer to naked.
...Oh hey
Look at all that red...
Just spreading across his face
"I am not!"
He meant for that to be very loud and demanding
but it's more of an awkward squawk than anything
1:41 AM

"Are to."
He's got a boner to prove it.
Just, getting more flustered, just, no! No.
"No I am not!"
"I still have pants on!"
1:44 AM

"Yeah-" Now... looking down.
"You should-"
"Turn around."
Lance, are you trying to see how red you can make his face...
1:45 AM
He's not the one getting the erection, so he has blood to spare.
He's never had anyone stare [at least this blatantly] at his crotch before
"Lance, we have a *class* we have to get back to!"
Avoiding the request, yep
1:46 AM

"Well I can't go back t-to class unless you leave me alone!"
Eyes roll, looking to the side.
"OR suck me off-" A joke, honestly. He's saying it to get Leron to leave.
"And since that shit's st-stuck like a rusted t-trap, you gotta go for the first option, all right?"
So he can calm the hell down...
1:47 AM
Maximum blood holding capacity for the face filled.
Leron couldn't get any more red if he tried.
Opens and closes his mouth a few times, but can't... really say anything.
Finally just turns away and immediately strides off
At least Lance can enjoy that brief view of the ass he was asking about...
1:49 AM

He does.
It's honestly why he
takes even longer to come back.
Has to pretty much hit his dick to make it stop.
1:50 AM
By the time he comes back, Leron has managed to get his flush under control but he's still rather pink in the face.
Also... refusing to look in Lance's direction
At all.
Just glaring straight ahead
That's the best way to deal with this sort of thing.
1:51 AM

Avoids too.
The whole trip.
Especially not wanting
to even look at him.
Always looking away.
1:53 AM
And this whole avoidance strategy goes so well for the two of them, too...
Right until something falls out of Leron's robe and ends up getting picked up by the wind
right into the back of Lance's head
Oh, hey, little orange paper pony...
1:54 AM
Leron is immediately chasing after it, making a slight surprised noise
Oh no! His precious pony!

Feels it move around in his hair...
The orange is one of his favorites, please don't be crumpled or dirty...

Pulls it out.
Looks at it, though he kinda crumpled it.
"The... hell?"
1:55 AM
"Is it alright?"
Hey, Lance, hi there, Leron is going to be kind of in your business for a moment

Glances back, but not enough to see him.
No it's
As dead as a paper horse can be anyway.
1:56 AM
Lance don't even
Leron tries to move around so he can get a better look.
"Darn it, I should have just left it in the dorm, I knew I was going outside today..."

Staring down at his hand, trying not to look up.
Leron is
1:57 AM

glistening, he can kinda see out of the corner of his eyes.
"Yeah, why would you bring a paper horse to a lake."
"For a smart guy you're fuckin' dumb."
Staring at his hand.
At the crumpled pony.
God just
to your house group....
You still have his horse, excuse you
1:58 AM
Even if it is dead, he demands funerary rights
poor dead paper horse...
But at that insult, Leron is back to glaring and squaring his shoulders defensively.

Hands it to him.
1:59 AM
"I simply-" Oh, okay, rant diverted as he fumbles to take the horse back into his hands
He doesn't want to crumple it up more.
"Ah... thank you."
Sad horse.... But, he supposes it's fixable? Maybe?
It is just paper after all.
2:00 AM
He turns around to go back to the Ravenclaws
Robe still not... fully on...
Enjoy that ass he doesn't know he's swaying a little, Lance
2:01 AM

He won't look at first and then finally does.
Marq sees from the ravenclaw group.
And her eyes slim immediately.
Rumble in Ravenclaw house tonight
2:02 AM
less a rumble really...
since Leron is basically on full Marq avoidance
Ever since he found out that she told Lance all that stuff
Good thing being a prefect means having lots of excuses