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2011-06-02 02:15 pm

Icon Batch 14

Kingdom Hearts
Mainly Org. 13:
...1 basket of seasalt ice cream
...5 Xemnas
...9 Saix
...22 Axel
...24 Roxas
...10 Xion
...22 Others

Total Icon Count: 93


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2009-09-16 05:53 am

KH: Blueberry Topping

Title: Blueberry Topping
Author Trilies
Genre Romance, of the sexy variety
Word length 727
Sypnosis One sneaky, sexually dominating Zexion is bad enough. More, and you're just asking for trouble. Unfortunately, Luxord and Marluxia aren't in positions to make a difference
Rating PG-16, for mentionings of sex
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings Would we call this Zexion clone/Marluxia/Zexion clone and Zexion/Luxord/Clone, or just Zexion/Luxord/Marluxia/Clones?
Notes: This was actually for my beloved Seven VII, some one you'd know if you hung out with me on Gaia Online. Because I am adorably paranoid like that, I won't let you know the connection we have. Yay for Paranoia! But anyway, I should correct the previous statement by saying this: the original, complete with a presex scene, actual sex, the works, was done for Sev. You just get this. Use your imaginations. ;D

Also, the joke about Luxord is because me and Amber keep shipping him with Larxene and Marluxia. XD

Blueberry Topping

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