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Title: Blueberry Topping
Author Trilies
Genre Romance, of the sexy variety
Word length 727
Sypnosis One sneaky, sexually dominating Zexion is bad enough. More, and you're just asking for trouble. Unfortunately, Luxord and Marluxia aren't in positions to make a difference
Rating PG-16, for mentionings of sex
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings Would we call this Zexion clone/Marluxia/Zexion clone and Zexion/Luxord/Clone, or just Zexion/Luxord/Marluxia/Clones?
Notes: This was actually for my beloved Seven VII, some one you'd know if you hung out with me on Gaia Online. Because I am adorably paranoid like that, I won't let you know the connection we have. Yay for Paranoia! But anyway, I should correct the previous statement by saying this: the original, complete with a presex scene, actual sex, the works, was done for Sev. You just get this. Use your imaginations. ;D

Also, the joke about Luxord is because me and Amber keep shipping him with Larxene and Marluxia. XD

Blueberry Topping

This does not bode well. )
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Title: Gentle Hands
Author Trilies
Genre Hinted romance, friendship, family, fluff
Word length 1725
Sypnosis Aerith knows Ienzo is Elaeus' best friend, but that's all she knows. Ever since she started going out with Elaeus, however, the youngest apprentice seems to have gone missing... 
Rating PG
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings familyship Elaeus&Ienzo, minor Elaeus/Aerith, friendship Ienzo&Aerith 
Note: In my headcanon, despite the fact that he's a brilliant kid, Ienzo is still a kid, awkwardly going into the phase of a teenager too. So while he's mature in most cases, he's still a teenager, or at least in this year of the story. 8) Besides, Elaeus is practically his adopted big brother, and all my  headcanon Ienzo has. He has the right to get a bit possessive.

Gentle Hands

And yes, my headcanon Ienzo has a red chocobo named Imogen.  )
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Title: Puddles of Ice
Author Trilies
Genre Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Word length 669
Sypnosis Nobodies can't understand the pain of loss. That's what Lucrecia thinks, at first, but Vexen continues to surprise her.
Rating G
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings Vexen/Lucrecia Crescent of the Final Fantasy VII game
Note: Okay, so. Explanation time is now. In a roleplay I am currently engaged in, the ending of KH1 ends up a bit different: instead of killing Xehanort!Heartless, Sora doesn't, and the Org. seizes control of Kingdom Heart's power for their own control. Each member gets a bit of power, and a world to rule, some (like Traverse Town) put on lockdown. Vexen gets Bristol Spaceport, from the movie Treasure Planet. (There were only so many KH canon ones to go around.  That turns out to be the place where he happens to meet one KHfied Lucrecia Crescent, and they click. Thank god some one is mellow enough to deal with him, since Lexaeus is off dealing with his own drama in Deep Jungle. Eventually, me and the Lucrecia RPer, a good friend of mine, decided hey, let's make it a pairing. Because. (Hey, we're mellow over there. XD ) We both quickly grew to love it.
Now, just a few nights ago, Ana (the RPer) began to experience some shitty family life. I won't go any further, since it's her life and all, but she was feeling in the dumps. Since I'm a bleeding heart who can't stand to see her friend's feel shitty, I quickly vowed to get her something revolving around her latest favorite couple to cheer her up, whether it was art from other people or writing. This was just my little contribution to make her smile. Loves, Ana.  

Puddles of Ice

Nothing is unrepairable. )
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Title: The Heart in Shades of Blue
Author Trilies
Genre:  Romance, light sprinkling of angst
Word length 1987
Sypnosis Tony comes home after revealing his plans for the future of his company and finds a familiar face in his house, wondering if he's gone insane. When he reveals his almost literal 'change of heart', Zexion isn't quite sure what to think.
Rating PG-13 for mentionings of sex 
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings Zexion/Tony Stark of the Ironman movie. YES you heard me correctly.
Note: I love this pairing, if only because in a twisted crazy way it makes SENSE. They're both young geniuses, their sense of humor matches, and in my headcanon, Zexion is something of a flirt. (Not that he means anything by it, but when you're a young 20 something guy in a teen's body, hey. ) They're a match made in heaven, but they'll never work because Stark has issues with intimacy and Zexion- well, that's obvious. Hey, let me have my crazy romance. There's not enough of it in this fandom. XD

he Heart in Shades of Blue

Even without the intimacy issues, a relationship will never work. )
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Title: Footsteps on Paper
Author Trilies
Genre I will fluff you in the goddamn fa- I mean, friendship. Romance. Those. Yeah.
Word length 891
Sypnosis She was just a lonely little girl, and no matter how old they said he was, maybe, deep down, he was just a lonely little boy.
Rating I think it's G.
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings Friendship Naminé/Zexion. Romance, if you squint, but that's not surprising in this fandom, where ANYTHING is romantic if you squint.
Note: I wrote this... Sometime last year. Yay old!fic!

Footsteps on Paper

Where two sets become one, it's not because you're alone... )
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Title: Kisses and Curses
Author: Trilies
Genre: Vaguely humor/romance..ish.
Word length: 809
Sypnosis: Princesses kissing frogs is the oldest cliche in the book. Except... He's not really a frog. Just the size of one.
Rating: G
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Lexaeus/Alice, although whether it's a friendship or just a ship is up for debate. Maybe if you squint your eyes, it's romance.

Kisses and Curses

Default excuse: It's Vexen's fault. )
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Title: Friendship in Pages
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance
Word length 999
Sypnosis Belle has to say goodbye to some one important in her life.
Rating PG
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Belle/Lexaeus

Friendship Pages

Xaldin will have a difficult time with her. )
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Title: Unexpected
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance, humor
Word length 700
Sypnosis They ran into each other at just the right time, Jasmine thought personally.
Rating PG
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Jasmine/Lexaeus
Notes: More like friendshipping, really. Also, I swear I meant to get this up earlier, but the computer I'm using for the summer is a bitch and has spastic fights with its internet connection. D:<
In a completely unrelated note, Xigbar isn't being serious, so don't worry. Also, yes, I know that title sucks, but eh. I don't feel like changing it. Blame the computer.

Protection of Agrabah Aquamarines

Another one. )
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Title: Coliseum Tumble
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance, humor
Word length 810
Sypnosis To say she fell into his life is rather corny, but that's literally what happened.
Rating PG
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Yuffie/Lexaeus
Note: And with this, I'm down playing about with FF characters. |D

Coliseum Tumble

Weird stuff happens.  )Weird stuff happens.  )
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Title: Memory Swing
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance, angst
Word length 894
Sypnosis They were just two strangers in a strange new town, celebrating and mourning life.
Rating PG
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Aerith/Lexaeus (but more like Aerith/Elaeus)
Note: And the great thing is that this is my headcanon. 8D 

Memory Swing

We'll fix this.  )We'll fix this.  )
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Title: Once Upon a Princess and a Hero
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance, angst
Word length 1608
Sypnosis He didn't have armor, or even a face, yet he helped the young Princess better than any knight in shining armor could.
Rating PG
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Kairi/Lexaeus

Once Upon a Princess and a Hero

What do Nobodies leave behind? )
What do Nobodies leave behind? )

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Title: Origami Flowers for an Empty Grave
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance, angst
Word length 399
Sypnosis If only for a little while, he was her hero, and so she mourns for him.
Rating PG
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Naminé/Lexaeus
Notes: Again with the age-gap pairing that I could almost actually like. What the hell, Lexaeus, stop being nice and having a title like 'the Silent Hero'. D8<

Origami Flowers for an Empty Grave

If only they were that simple. )
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Title: Knight of Iron
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance, angst
Word length 214
Sypnosis Every princess needs a knight, even if they're both just fakes.
Rating PG
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Xion/Lexaeus
Note: I FELT BAD, OK. XD Xion barely got any love at all in the months before 300+ days was released, and I did kind of vaguely liked her although that was probably because everyone else was ragging on her for barely no reason at all wtf guys . It was in those same un-released days that I wrote this, because I would guilt myself to death if I didn't. That said: THERE ARE NO SPOILERS, BECAUSE HA, I WAS GOING ON ASS HERE. I used that wrong, I just know it. 8D Anyway, no need to worry about any spoilers, because this is all wrong. I wrote it knowing jack-shit about Xion besides the fact that I had read somewhere that Axel had to keep bringing her back or something. I dunno.

Knight of Iron

Promise me. )

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Title: First for Thirteen
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance
Word length 1841
Sypnosis Roxas has a question.
Rating PG, since nothing really happens
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Roxas/Lexaeus
Note: Is it odd of me that this pairing doesn't bother me as much as age-gap pairings usually do? :/ Maybe it's because Lexaeus just seems so damn trustworthy.

First for Thirteen

And I wouldn't mind the company. )
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Title: Lightning Struck
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance, humor
Word length 830
Sypnosis Larxene didn't appreciate being single.
Rating PG-13
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Larxene/Lexaeus

Lightning Struck

This is more humor then romance based, so don't expect a marriage propos- oh wait. )
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Title: Venus Trap
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance
Word length 402
Sypnosis One would think that 'plant' and 'earth' would be two words that just went together naturally but...
Rating PG, somehow
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: One-sided Marluxia/Lexaeus
Notes: It should also be said that Marluxia was another one who didn't really want to work with me for Lexmonth, but then Amber cheerfully suggested that he and Lex be mudwrestling... And I didn't have anything else to go on. >>;

Venus Trap

Prolly cuz Sev's 11 muse and my 5 muse despise each other )

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Title: Silver Lining
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance, humor
Word length 383
Sypnosis Atlantica used to be Luxord's least favorite place
Rating PG-13 for Luxord's ogling and cursing
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Luxord/Lexaeus
Note: I really must get some tips from Amber or Tuna on how to write Luxord properly. D8 Not my expertise, no no.

Silver Lining

Luxord would just like to mention he hates Atlantica. )
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Waves over Sand
Title: Waves over Sand
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance
Word length 355
Sypnosis Demyx has something he wants to tell Lexaeus.
Rating PG
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: One-sided (?) Demyx/Lexaeus
Notes: Yay for experimenting with style! And this time, it's all about the conversation.

Waves Over Sand

What's stopping us? )

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In Soviet TCTNW
Title: In Soviet TCTNW, Earth Scorches You
Author: Trilies
Genre : Humor
Word length 1229
Sypnosis Axel really couldn't win against Lexaeus in some things.
Rating PG
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Would be Axel/Lexaeus, except both parties are being quite the bitch. D:<

In Soviet TCTNW, Earth Scorches You

It's amusing to thing of the antagonists of having slow days. )

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Title: Lunar Eclipse
Author: Trilies
Genre : Romance
Word length 2328
Sypnosis Lexaeus has a lot to learn about their new seventh member.
Rating PG-13, for mentionings of injury
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Saix/Lexaeus

Lunar Eclipse

Blood consorts is just such an interesting term. )


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