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Kingdom Hearts
Mainly Org. 13:
...1 basket of seasalt ice cream
...5 Xemnas
...9 Saix
...22 Axel
...24 Roxas
...10 Xion
...22 Others

Total Icon Count: 93


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KH: Tides

Feb. 25th, 2010 04:07 pm
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Title: Tides
Author: Trilies
Genre: ....Drama?
Word length: 1006
Sypnosis: The moon has a very odd effect on water, as Saix is about to find out.
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Demyx, Saix
Notes: This was an attempt at pairing these two together, but it didn't quite work out that way. |D Maybe I'll write a sequel? Also, this was written before BBS was released, thus explaining that tidbit of Saix being a cop before. Ah, BBS, how you smash my dreams! Why do I still love you?


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Title: Velvet Touch
Author: Trilies
Genre: Romance
Word length: 426
Sypnosis: It's funny what kinks one realizes they have when confronted by short people who just got back from the opera. Zexion/Demyx
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Zexion/Demyx
Notes: This was inspired by a Xigbar/Zexion pic, actually, but I haven't written this pairing for ages, and it was one of the things that really got me into fanfiction. Yay?
Rating: PG-16

Velvet Touch

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Title: Ice Equals Water
Author: Trilies
Genre: Romance, Humor
Word length: 3303
Sypnosis: Demyx wants some quality time with his favorite grouchy scientist, who has quite a few reserves about this. Good thing Demyx can shamelessly plead and blackmail like the best of them.
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Vexen/Demyx, hinted Larxene/Axel/Marluxia
Notes: There needs to be more of this pairing, partially because it's amusing.

Ice Equals Water

Quite clearly, I hold the elemental advantage. )
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Title: Layers of Ice
Author: Trilies
Genre: Romance, friendship
Word length: 1831
Sypnosis Vexen locking himself in his lab is nothing new. Vexen locking himself in his lab for a straight month and acting a little more violent than usual has Demyx worrying.
Rating: PG-13 for a bit of swearing
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Demyx/Vexen, Parental!Vexen to Xion
Notes: I got nothing.

Layers of Ice

Like trying to hug the iceburg that sunk the Titanic. )


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