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Title: What's This
Author: Trilies
Genre: Friendship, fluff, a bit of humor, and Even's bitching. Wait, that's not a genre?
Word length: 1582
Sypnosis "Snow? You're sure that's what it is?"
Rating: PG, for some playful snowball violence
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Even&Ienzo friendship, Braig&Dilan friendship, and Ansem&Aeleus friendship because they're hilarious in how relaxed they are.
Notes: I love writing the apprentices. I dooo. Also, that title is shamelessly stolen from the Nightmare Before Christmas.

What's This

Haven't you ever seen snow before? )
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Title: Awkward Conversations
Author Trilies
Genre Humor, Hinted romance
Word length 2052
Sypnosis Like all things awkard and annoying, the talk between Ansem and Elaeus could be blamed on Braig.
Rating PG (13?) for impromptu lessons
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings Friendship Ansem&Elaeus, told but not seen Elaeus/Aerith, familyship Elaeus&Ienzo 
Note: This is also a thing I wrote sometime last year, and I fear it's full of purple prose. XD Because Elaeus is just such a romantic, but I blame that on how high on love he and Aerith were at the time and initially during their relationship. They got better, don't worry. Still, although I might rewrite this at some point, here's the original.

Awkward Conversations

I find it funny how we can blame almost everything on Braig.  )
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Title: Mornings in the Garden
Author: Trilies
Genre: Humor
Word length: 785
Sypnosis: Eventually, they all manage to laugh off the strange events of the kitchen.
Rating : G
Other: Apprentice-Era based. 8D



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