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Word Count: 2710
Genre: Drama
Summary: It's just another brilliant day for the soon-to-be mother, although Aeleus still hasn't contacted her yet. Things are looking great... Except... Something strange seems to be going on with Xehanort...
Ships?: mentioned Aeleus/Aerith
→Familyships?: mentioned Aeleus/Aerith + unborn!Sora
→Friendships?: Aerith&Zack&Tifa&Cloud, Aerith&Cid, little!Rinoa&little!Squall
Characters: Aerith, Tifa, Zack, Cloud, Rinoa, Squall, Cid, Xehanort
→Mentions: Aeleus
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None! This was written before BBS, so. (8
Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts or any related characters. This was written out of enjoyment of the series, and no profit is being made.
Music: Zydrate Anatomy from Repo! The Genetic Opera
Notes: Strangely enough, I'm updating this faster on FF.Net than on here. XD Ha.

Family Ties, Chapter 2

Hey! Hey! I think I felt something! )
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Title: The Fall of a Hero
Author: Trilies
Genre: Angst, familyshipping
Word length: 1199
Sypnosis Aeleus learns of a family he never knew, and at the worst possible time. How Lexaeus came to be.
Rating: PG-13 for violence
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Aerith/Aeleus + hinted child!Sora, Ienzo&Aeleus
Notes: Based off of Family Ties and undoubtedly how it ends, so check that for more details.

The Fall of a Hero

That's right, you never knew... did you? )
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Title: Live Through This
Author: Trilies
Genre: Romance, friendship, angst
Word length: 1601
Sypnosis Six different strangers, all listening to the same song and sharing quiet, sad moments with another.
Rating: PG-13 for Tony and Zexion's damn drinking, and maybe for Xandra's mouth.
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Tony Stark/Zexion, hinted Aeleus/Aerith, OC/OC
Notes: Man, some of my ships are just down right depressing, honestly. Also, Somnam is not my OC, but property of at_splicken. For some deranged reason, we ship our two OCs together, despite how they're not relationship compatible, to put it lightly. XD Also, this is based kind of off the Stars' song "Your Ex-Lover is Dead". Very pretty, and very sad.

Live Through This
And you won't look back

And you won't look back. )
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Title: Family Ties, Chapter 1
Author: Trilies
Genre: Romance, friendship, familyship, angst
Word length: 1334
Sypnosis There had never been any doubt that Aeleus and Aerith would want a child someday. When it comes sooner than expected, Aerith is clearly happy... But Aeleus is 'stuck in the castle'... At least, that's what the almost ever-present Xehanort tells her...
Rating: PG-13 for stuff that may come ahead
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Aerith/Aeleus, one-sided Xehanort/some one dead, Aerith&Aeleus&Sora familyship
Notes: This storyline is actually from AnakhaSilver on Deviantart. It manages to perfectly explain the Aerith/Aeleus + Sora familyship. GOD I LOVE THAT GIRL. XD But anyway, yeah, reading that would spoil the rest of this, but since I have no idea if I'll ever get to really writing this, maybe you should..? I don't know. XD Ana says she's going to do a Ch. 2 from Xehanort's POV, but who knows. WE'RE SUCH LOVELY PROCRASTINATORS.

Family Ties

I loved you before I even met you.

Aeleus, the sky is so beautiful today. )

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Title: Forgotten Gift
Author Trilies
Genre Light Angst, romance
Word length 500
Sypnosis Some things will forever remain forgotten, and some hopes will never come to fruition.
Rating PG
Yaoi/Yuri/Pairings: Aeleus/Aerith

A Forgotten Gift

In Hollow Bastion... )


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